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ICOM Group is the leading PR & Marketing solutions provider in the Cryptoverse. Our mission is simple, ensuring our ICO client’s sales targets are obtained, whilst raising their profile in the industry. For our post ICO clients the aim is to increase their visibility and gain maximum market share utilizing our range of services. Many ICOs that have had the biggest success, reaching their hard caps the quickest; are not necessarily the best projects. They simply have the best marketing.

But where should you start?

The ICO space is becoming increasingly crowded, with many new Blockchains now available for ICOs to build on, getting new projects into the spotlight is becoming increasingly more difficult.

Building awareness of your project is the first step, you need to ensure that the Crypto community not only hear about your project, but more importantly understand what it is and why they should invest.

In the current market many ICOs are failing to reach their hard cap, which then has a huge impact on the long term potential of the project. This often means less funds are available for development, key personnel, marketing and other operational expenses. This can be hugely restrictive for the ongoing viability of the project and can be avoided with professional marketing.

How Can We Help?

Our methodology is simple: we design and implement cohesive and collaborative marketing campaigns that ensure our client’s projects obtain the best exposure possible.

The first stage is a full review of the project’s documentation and marketing materials. This is required to ensure that the “average investor” can understand the product offering and the potential future gains. If this is not clear we can help advise on how to tweak this to ensure you are able to get your message across clearly to the “whole” Crypto community.

Once this stage is complete we assist with maximising the project’s exposure. Using our network of YouTube Influencers, handpicked Telegram groups, and selected media partners at our disposal ensuring that your project gets the visibility required for mass adoption.

Our expertise ensures that our client’s token sales will be maximised, whilst at the same time building a strong community on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and all other social media networks.





Our Services

Experience shows that when ICOs fail to sell out, or post ICO projects fail to gain market share against their competitors, this is rarely due to the credentials of the project. The Cryptocurrency market cap is still very low, and with many new projects being released on a daily basis, marketing is the key component with regards to sales and brand awareness.

We have seen many Tier 1 ICOs with all star teams that have failed to meet their hard cap, we have also seen many lower tier ICOs, without the all star team who manage to reach their hard cap quickly. This may seem strange, but in reality it is quite simple to understand, the successful ICOs do not leave the promotion of their project to chance, and invest heavily in marketing to guarantee their success.

Below you will find a list of our services which will ensure the future of your project is not left to chance.


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