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ICOM Group have a team of in house professional writers that can produce all ranges of articles and documentation, including technical research reports, articles and press releases. Our articles are fully researched and are suitable for use for high level promotion of your project. Korean & Hindi languages are also available, as well as ghost writing services.

For a limited time we are inviting quality projects to apply for a complimentary free listing on a new Decentralized Exchange called weiDex that is going to revolutionize the market in terms of functionality and market share. ICOM Group are signed members of the weiDex team and we are responsible for all marketing and project listings on the platform.

We specialize in project thread promotion on Bitcointalk. Our team of more than 10 professional copywriters will intensively discuss your project, actively engage investors in conversation and highlight the strongest aspects of your project.

Our Pool service is unique in the marketplace due to the fact that we have built a strong network of pools all working for one main aggregator. The aggregator has built a solid reputation with the pools on the basis that they provide deep analysis of the projects, which is presented to the pools and trusted implicitly. Only projects that meet a minimum score are distributed to the pools therefore protecting the investors from unsuitable projects and at the same time protecting the pools success rate and reputation.

Looking for a great way to communicate the value of your project to potential investors? Ensuring the “average investor” understands your project and it’s future potential is of key importance. This can be communicated effectively using the power of a promotional video. This will make an emotional connection with your investors, help you to grow your brand awareness, and increase sales exponentially.

Listing your project on ICO Review websites ensures a significant increase in traffic from potential investors. We have a network of review websites that we are in collaboration with to list and rate your project. The combined monthly traffic of these websites exceeds 6 million visitors per month, and generates millions of funds for ICO projects, ICOM Group can offer this as a one stop solution.

A clear, well constructed and visually appealing Whitepaper is a necessity for any ICO entering the marketplace. Potential investors will either be attracted to your project or will discard it based on the presentation of your Whitepaper. We can help you reach the maximum success possible by analyzing, rewriting and designing an effective and appealing Whitepaper for your project.

Stealth advertising in various Telegram groups. We create an agreed script that is then used to communicate with hidden advertising to encourage new members to join the project’s Official Telegram group.

Banner advertising across premium Crypto related websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinTelegraph and can massively impact your project’s visibility, market awareness and potential ICO sales. We are in partnership with leading Display Advertising networks which allows us to provide your project with various packages with the most competitive pricing available.

ICOM Group has access to over 150 Crypto YouTube channels, with audiences ranging from 10,000 up to 300,000 subscribers. With the help of our network of successful YouTubers we can take a project from being relatively unknown, to being one of the most talked about ICOs in a matter of days. Due to recent restrictions by Google plus a host of other main stream marketing outlets, YouTube can now be considered the number 1 choice for gaining instant exposure and therefore sales.

Telegram is currently the most successful method of mass advertising projects that wish to grow their own Telegram channel, whilst increasing sales. Many ICOs are judged on hype alone, with the size of the Telegram group being a key indicator. We can successfully build your Telegram numbers quickly, using our network of groups that will not only just add numbers, but will add “real” investors with an interest in your project, automatically increasing your hype rating with ICO review sites.

With over 6 million visitors per month between them, CCN and are the premier source of cryptocurrency focused news and information for a huge number of potential investors that are researching the latest news and investments in the cryptosphere. ICOM Group offer various options for the guaranteed publication of your project onto CCN and via our expert blockchain and ICO/cryptocurrency investment journalist team.