‘weiDex’ Decentralized Exchange Listing Opportunity

For a limited time we are inviting quality projects to apply for a complimentary free listing on a new Decentralized Exchange called weiDex that is going to revolutionize the market in terms of functionality and market share. ICOM Group are signed members of the weiDex team and we are responsible for all marketing and project listings on the platform.

Here are some key reasons why the weiDex exchange is superior than its other decentralized/centralized counterparts:

• User has full control of their assets

• Blockchain level security

• No user information or details required and no new user sign up restrictions

• Fully transparent

• No withdraw/deposit limits

• Multiple order fulfillment (orders get charged only once no matter how many transactions it takes to be filled)

• Cheaper fees & Free trades for all users during high trade volume times • Referral system (get 20% of your referee’s trading fees)

• Cross-chain atomic swaps between Ethereum and other Smart Contract based tokens

• Unique ‘Crumb Cleaner’ functionality

• ‘Bear Bomb’ and ‘Bull Bomb’ features  —Users can convert all their Altcoins to Ether or WDX (weiDex token) with a simple press of a button! Press the button again and reconvert your Ether or WDX back to its original token distribution!

Please contact us at ICOM Group if you are interested in this opportunity, free listing places are limited and this offer will only be available for a short timeframe during August & September 2018.