ICO Website Listings

It is important to list your upcoming ICO on as many review sites that provide reviews and rating services. This is a crucial step in an ICO marketing campaign, there are now hundreds of specialised ICO review websites and combined they generate over 6 million visits per month by potential investors.

Our ICO listing service manages the process of submitting and listing your ICO onto a selected network of the best review websites. This will ensure your ICO benefits from the huge traffic these sites create. This in turn will ensure maximum sales, increased Telegram members and a higher level of brand awareness.


  1. Client to provide to ICOM Group the full project details and confirm budget
  2. ICOM selects the best sites to advertise the project and provides the client with a final quote. At this point payment is due
  3. ICOM Group co-ordinates the publishing of the client’s ICO to all websites
  4. ICOM Group provides final report detailing all listings and ratings


Management Fee: $1995 USD (payable in BTC/ETH and not including website listing fees)

“Listing your project on ICO Review websites ensures a significant increase in traffic from potential investors. We have a network of more than 100 websites that we are in collaboration with to list your project. Their combined monthly traffic exceeds 6 million visitors monthly and generates millions of funds for ICO projects”