Project Review & Pool Submission Services

Project Review & Pool Submission Services

The vast majority of ICO’s are experiencing a lack of sales from retail clients at the ICO stage. It has become increasingly difficult to raise funds due to a lower level of buyers and an increased amount of ICO’s compared to 2017. This asks the question how do some projects reach their Hardcap so quickly? The answer is very simple, the majority of ICO’s in 2018 are utilising pools to meet their Hardcaps. Dealing with pools can be near impossible, there are hundreds of pools to track down which can be very time consuming and the vast majority require a full investment report to accompany the application.

Our Pool service is unique in the marketplace due to the fact that we have built a strong network of pools all working for one main aggregator. The aggregator has built a solid reputation with the pools on the basis that they provide deep analysis of the projects, which is presented to the pools and trusted implicitly. Only projects that meet a minimum score are distributed to the pools therefore protecting the investors from unsuitable projects and at the same time protecting the pools success rate and reputation.

The vast majority of projects do not meet the criteria for selection, therefore this service provides a deep dive review of the project with all necessary recommendations to increase the score. Once the changes to the documentation have been competed and the score is at the required level the project is then presented to pools, with a recommendation that is should be accepted. At the same time as being distributed to the pools the project is also marketed to a closed group of over 5,000 private investors.


We provide 4 package options:

  • ICO Listing, Scoring & Analytics Package
  • ICO Listing, Scoring, Analytics plus Advertising Package
  • ICO Listing, Scoring, Analytics, Advertisement plus Promotion to ICO Pools Package
  • Promotion to ICO Pools Special Package

Package 1: ICO Listing, Scoring & Analytics Package

  • Deep and thorough analysis of your ICO with full-length reports produced detailing the advantages and limitations of the project.
  • Calculation of an average score (1-10) of your ICO project.* Publishing the full analysis of your ICO on the corresponding ICO page on our partner website.
  • Posting a non-pinned message on our partner’s Telegram channel (5,000+ investors) and chat (1,000+ investors)
  • Listing your ICO on the our partner’s websites for 1 day.

If your ICO project as a result of our analysis receives more than 6.5 points out of 10 it will be introduced and promoted to 5 ICO pools. If more than 8 points then we will introduce and promote to 15 ICO pools as well as 15 investment funds. In this case we take an additional remuneration as a percentage of funds raised through the pools/funds.

Package 2: Listing, Scoring, Analytics plus Advertising Package

Includes all of Package 1 deliverables plus:

  • Placement of 800×60 (desktop), 300×40 (mobile) banner on the top of all of our partner’s website for 4 days, including side ears the same colour as the banner and exposure to 7,000+ investors
  • Placement of pinned message in partner’s Telegram channel (5,000+ investors) and chat (1,000+ investors) for 1 day. Posts will stay in the feeds indefinitely
  • One time notification with pinned message in Telegram
  • Listing your ICO on our partner’s website for 4 days.

The terms of being introduced to ICO pools and funds are the same as in the Listing, Scoring & Analytics Package.

Package 3: Listing, Scoring, Analytics, Advertisement plus Promotion to ICO Pools Package

Includes all of Package 2 deliverables plus:

  • Creation of a complex strategy for presenting your ICO to our ICO pool administrators including plans to raise the maximum funds available.
  • Creating a list of individual recommendations for your ICO in order to manage the most effective pre-sale and crowdsale stages, including keeping your token’s deficit on the market and therefore increasing demand from investors.* Introducing your ICO to 20 ICO pool administrators (including receiving formal feedback from them).
  • Ongoing assistance in running your ICO within the ICO pools.

It is important to understand that our partner not only has the direct connection with 250 ICO Pool admins, but also has access to more than 50 completely private investment funds which are hidden and closed to normal ICOs and investors. In addition, there is also access to groups of private investor to maximise your sales.

Special Package: Promotion to ICO Pools Only

  • Creation of a brief strategy for your ICO to most effectively approach and work with the ICO Pools
  • Introduction of your ICO to 20 ICO Pool administrators. This includes receiving detailed feedback from them about your ICO
  • Assistance in running your ICO within the ICO Pools that select your project

Notice: Due to the absence of ICO analytics reports included in this package, positive results from pitching to our ICO Pools is usually lower. This is because the ICO Pool administrators receive limited information about your project. Therefore the full package with analytics and scoring is highly recommended.

Please note that all above services are designed to package your project favourably for presentation to the pools with a recommendation your project should be accepted. The pools make the final decision on which projects to accept and this service does not guarantee that funds will be raised.