Professional Writing Services

In-Depth Professional Article Writing Service

Fully researched and detailed articles suitable for use for high level promotion such as Press Releases in English, Korean & Hindi. We have produced work for the likes of Matrix AI, eHarvestHub and Latium, and attached you will find examples of our previous work. Whilst some ICO’s use this service as a one off we find that producing high quality written pieces whenever you have large news to circulate works very well and and can be used across all social media channels both pre and post ICO. As discussed many projects focus only on the ICO itself, a lack of communication and marketing can lead to the price plummeting whilst creating negativity amongst the community. This position can be hard to recover from and a long term marketing campaign will negate this.


Ghost Writing Service

Write/Check/Rewrite short articles to be used for posting on Official Announcement channels such as Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. Ensuring all are 100% accurate with regards to spelling and grammar, whilst also ensuring that all messages are produced to ensure a positive spin.


“ICOM Group have a team of in house professional writers that can produce all ranges of articles and documentation, including technical research reports, articles and press releases. Our articles are fully researched and are suitable for use for high level promotion of your project. Korean & Hindi languages are also available, as well as ghost writing services.”