Telegram Advertising

Telegram is one of the best platforms to boost growth. In 2017 Telegram out ranked Slack and other messenger platforms to be the new base for Cryptocurrencies to create awareness and reach out to a targeted audience.

Telegram Anti-spamming policies affect the nature of Telegram based marketing. Strict rules that result in instant bans has limited the potential of some infant businesses that need good publicity to grow, as such they either strive for external sources of traffic or get discouraged to continue operating on Telegram.

Our Telegram advertising solution is decentralised and does not encourage spamming. We publish your advertisement across a large network of pre-agreed, Crypto related groups and channels, and have the ability to reach over 2 million Crypto investors within hours. Instead of choosing groups or spamming we ensure your ads are served on all platforms, and also pinned at the top of the channel with the groups full agreement. Again each group has been selected by our team personally, we have negotiated the advertising rates directly and do not work with middle men, this ensures that your adverts are delivered to budget and produce real investors.

Experience shows that investors are more likely to respond if a promotion is included with the advert. This can be in the form of a discount, free coins or any other Bounty you have available.


  1. Client provides advert details, up to a maximum of 150 words including details of any promotion if available
  2. ICOM Group tweak and create design of the advert for approval
  3. Once approved advert is submitted to our partner channels for their approval
  4. Once approved ICOM Group fee becomes payable and adverts go live within 72 hours


Please find below the pricing structure which includes both the advertiser’s charges and our management fee.

  • Telegram User Reach: 45k – 70k
    • Anticipated New Members to your Telegram Group: 100 to 3,500
    • Fee: 0.4 BTC
  • Telegram User Reach: 80k – 150k
    • Anticipated New Members to your Telegram Group: 5,000 to 7,000
    • Fee: 0.6 BTC
  • Telegram User Reach: 200k – 450k
    • Anticipated New Members to your Telegram Group: 10,000 to 17,000
    • Fee: 1.2 BTC
  • Telegram User Reach: 500k – 700k
    • Anticipated New Members to your Telegram Group: 19,000 to 30,000
    • Fee: 2 BTC
  • Telegram User Reach: 1 million plus
    • Anticipated New Members to your Telegram Group: 45,000 to 100,000
    • Fee: 3 BTC

The above is based on advertising with Multiple different sites, with varying advertising periods between 1-5 days. Best results are often achieved when this is repeated with the same groups on a bi weekly basis, over an 8 week period. So for example the top package of 3BTC would cost 12 BTC and each advert lasting 1-5 days would be re advertised every other week over an 8 week period, ensuring your project reaches the whole audience. This also gives us the option to create 4 different adverts that allows us to ensure all of your key points are covered whilst not exceeding the maximum word limit.


“Telegram is currently the hottest method of mass advertising ICO launches to potentential investors. Our Telegram network provides access to over 2 million Telegram users”