Whitepaper Services

Ensuring the average investor understands your project is key to ensuring the success of an ICO project. Your Whitepaper and Roadmap are one of the most important tools you have to present your product, and if any areas of them are unclear, copied from the internet, have spelling/punctuation/grammar mistakes, or are just not visually appealing, this will have a dramatic effect on your sales.

Experience shows that the vast majority of investors do not understand in depth Whitepapers. It is essential to clearly show the category of the project, the token metrics, the long term vision of the project and more importantly why they should invest in this project over the competition. The vast majority of Whitepapers do not do this and therefore investors do not invest. We highly recommend creating a short paper which details all of this information in an easy to read document suitable for the “average” investor.

We here at the ICOM Group understand what an investor needs for them to invest in your project. We have created Whitepapers and Roadmaps from the ground up, with amazing results that boost sales as well as company reputations.


  1. Client to provide ICOM full details of the project along with colour schemes and concepts
  2. ICOM Group to review documentation, discuss ideas and produce final quote. At this point fees become payable
  3. ICOM Group produces full draft documentation
  4. Client to approve or suggest changes to draft documentation
  5. ICOM Group produces final documentation in all requested file formats


Logo Design: from $399 USD

Short Whitepaper Design & Formatting: from $599 USD

Full Whitepaper Design & Formatting: from $999 USD

“A clear, well constructed and visually appealing Whitepaper is a necessity for any ICO entering the marketplace. Potential investors will either be attracted to your project or will discard it based on the presentation of your Whitepaper. We can help you reach the maximum success possible by analyzing, rewriting and designing an effective and appealing Whitepaper for your project”