Sales & Marketing Specialist
Brief info

Rico Toet is an entrepreneur, manager and investor. He is well-versed in process building, automatization, digital marketing & user experience.

Rico started his own digital agency with over 10 employees. He went on to create his own design automation software for web agencies, garnering over thousands of active clients ranging from freelancers to medium-sized agencies within the first 90 days of operation.

His initial foray into blockchain and cryptocurrency technology led him to see the potential of this immense revolution that had started to unfold. He decided to sell his share of the company to his former partners and move full-time into the cryptocurrency trading markets.

He strongly believes in blockchain technology because it solves some of the most pressing problems we face today. Implementing blockchain tech into cryptocurrency gives it the power to exchange value without a third party. This is revolutionary. He strongly believes that cryptocurrency is the future and that the forthcoming generations will see this as the norm for trustworthy and safe transactions.

22 years old and born in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Rico enjoys delving into new projects and consistently pushes himself to learn more about the fields in which he seeks improvement. He strives to reach all his major personal goals before the age of 30. In his free time he reads articles and spends time with his loved ones.